Waxahatchee: "I spend so much time thinking about how different I am that I don't ever really think about how I'm the same"

Examining her 30s with the help of a few new pals, Waxahatchee has come roaring back with an assured new album that’s brimming with confidence.

Waxahatchee has shared a new track, 'Bored' - listen

There's also a new UK and European tour for this summer.

Waxahatchee has announced a new album with early single 'Right Back To It'

The single features MJ Lenderman.

Waxahatchee and Jess Williamson announce new project, Plains

Katie Cruthfield, otherwise known as Waxahatchee, and Jess Williamson have announced a new collaborative project together, Plains. Wasting no time, they have also shared news of their debut album together ‘I Walked With You A Ways’. The LP will be released on 14th October. They have also shared the lead single from the record ‘Problem With It’. Speaking about the project, Katie said: “I’m thrilled to announce this new project and album. I’ve felt a connection to Jess’s songwriting and a kinship with her since we met years ago. Getting to lean into the influence of the music we both grew up with while also making something that feels very current and fresh to me was a great experience and I’m so happy to finally share it.”. Jess added: “Making this record with Katie was a deeply expansive experience for me as a songwriter. I really trust her ear and sensibilities, and she encouraged me to explore aspects of my songwriting that in the past I’ve...

Waxahatchee is going to celebrate the first anniversary of 'Saint Cloud' with a livestream event

It'll take place on 27th March.
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