Liily – TV or Not TV

Equal parts chaotic psychedelic post-punk and rock’n’roll.

Label: Flush Records
Released: 22nd October 2021

Rambunctious LA’ers Liily, in all their wild hair, nonchalant glory, are finally stepping forward with ‘TV or Not TV’. After gaining momentum a couple of years ago, and then essentially disappearing, this reemergence is on par with the quality we’d come to expect, but also pushes forward into newer boundaries with a fizzing and popping manic smile. 

The four-piece’s debut is equal parts chaotic psychedelic post-punk and, well, rock’n’roll. The real beauty rears up within the band’s ability to let the noise subside before seamlessly turning into a brand new beast. Additionally, toying with the chaotic structures of jazz suits them, fracturing expectation, and carving out their own little niche in that dirty rock’n’roll world. Where most are trying to composite pieces of genres into a neatly placed puzzle, Liily are pushing all their weight down onto the different shapes daring them to fit. 

Sure, this doesn’t make it an immediately approachable album. It challenges rather than invites, but that’s all part of the fun. It might be a bit Marmite-y, but hey, if you love it, you’ll certainly love it. There’s an attitude radiating throughout, keeping you on your toes because you genuinely don’t know where they’ll go next. What’s not to like?

3.0 rating
Total Score
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