Hype List 2019: Zuzu

If you’re after a touch of joyous creativity with your indie-pop bangers, Zuzu’s your gal.

With a new year, comes the weight of expectation on a new batch of artists, thrust into the spotlight and expected to set the agenda for the twelve months ahead. That’s what The Hype List is about – a series of interviews, profiles and more highlighting who we think will be making a noise in 2019.

If we were to make a league table of the most fun new acts going into 2019, Zuzu would def be up there near the top. The Liverpudlian weaves references to comics, films, aliens and all sorts into her ridiculously catchy indie-pop tunes. Beam us up.

Hey Zuzu! How’s it going? Getting ready for Christmas yet?
It’s going good! I’m 100% ready, already recorded a Christmas song for this year!

When we last spoke you were just about to release your debut EP, what’ve you been up to since then?
Loads! Been on the road a lot, recording and writing a bunch at my home studio in Birkenhead, Monkey Heaven. I’ve spent a lot of time drawing recently too although Red Dead Redemption came out recently, so I’ve spent some solid hours on that!

Do you have lots of new music ‘in the works’?
Lots and lots of new music in the works! I have two more songs coming out before the end of the year!

You’re touring basically all the time, how do you find time to work on new music too? Does it feel full on?
I’m lucky in that it doesn’t really take me long to write a song, it always just comes out all at once. My writing partner Kurran also plays guitar in my band so it’s great to have him there when the band and I are on the road so I can pick his brains as I’m working on something!

How far along are you with a debut album, then? When are you aiming for?
There is no rush at the moment, I’m going to keep releasing singles until there is a demand for that kind of thing, but it’s in the pipeline, I’ve written so many songs I wanna get out first.

Music aside, what are you enjoying at the mo? Anything good on TV or the like? 
I really enjoyed Maniac on Netflix! I got mad obsessed with this podcast called The Teachers Pet it’s an investigative journalist looking into the disappearance of an Australian woman under SUPER suspicious circumstances, made me wanna be a detective.

Do you have any predictions for 2019?
I predict the cats on planet earth will finally reveal themselves as the alien species they truly are.

Anything else we should know? 
Hippo milk is pink.

Taken from the December 2018 / January 2019 issue of Dork. Order a copy below.

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