Off Bloom: “We are working on a lot of collabs”

Catch the trio at Etc. tonight.

Today marks the latest show in Dork’s Old Blue Last residency, Etc.. Held in ‘fashionable’ East London’s Old Blue Last each Thursday night across July, we’ve booked some of our favourite new acts to play free shows, showcasing some of the very best new talent around.

Next up, we’ve Off Bloom. Anglo-Danish trio Mads, Mette and Alex have not long got off tour with pop sensation Alma, and are currently hard at work on “a lot of collabs” to follow-up their buzzy-as-anything string of singles.

Hey guys, how’s it going? Enjoying summer?
Enjoying the summer SO much – it has been incredible in both Copenhagen and London! (Mads and Mette live in Copenhagen, and Alex lives in London.)

What have you been up to lately, then? How was the tour with Alma?
We have been playing a lot of shows lately, most recently Danish festivals and a UK and European tour with Alma, which was incredible – she is such a cool person and artist and has become a really good friend of ours.
Yesterday we played at our good friend and designer Shukri Lawrence’s (whose brand is called tRASHY CLOTHING) debut runway show in Berlin Fashion Festival!
Other than that we just moved into a new studio in CPH and can finally focus on writing for a little bit before we are going on the road again! We can’t wait to have proper time in the studio again – it’s been too long, and we miss it!

‘Love Actually’ is a great tune, you can definitely hear the Avril influence. Was it a fun one to make?
Haha yes, def some Avril inspiration there! It was super fun to make – it happened on a day we were all super hungover. Vera had sent us a rough version of the beat, and we loved it then we just started jamming out some stuff, and it came together really quickly.

What is it that attracts you to 90s/00s music at the mo?
We are super inspired by ‘90s/’00s songwriting and vibes right now! The whole pop/punk/rock wave still sounds so fresh to us and feels really exciting, and also like going back to our roots in a way because that was what we grew up listening to.

‘Not Sorry’ has a different vibe, it’s super emotional. What sparked that one?
Also super hungover in LA, so we just felt like making something super chill. We were really frustrated at the time about people not fucking saying what they mean and feel and always worrying what people will think of them. We believe in honesty among friends, and even though it’s hard you should tell people if you think they are acting like an idiot – AND they should tell you!

Is it too early to ask about the plans for your debut album? You’ve built up a fab roster of tracks.
Ummm honestly we don’t have a clue – we have A LOT of plans and ideas, but can’t say anything yet.

What do you think makes a great album?
Hmm. That’s a huge question… I (Mette) think it’s when the quality of every song is so high that you can keep discovering it – and your favourite song keeps changing as you keep listening.

What’s been your favourite album of 2018 so far?

We’re super looking forward to having you play a Dork gig with us, what’s the best thing about an Off Bloom live show?
Energy, love and punk (we can’t wait either).

Anything else we should know at the mo?
We are working on a lot of collabs with other musicians and designers we can’t wait to share with everybody and then we are of course releasing a lot of new stuff over the next couple of months.

Off Bloom play Etc. at the Old Blue Last, London tonight (19th July) alongside Saltwater Sun, Alex Tracey, Outlya and a DJ set from Fickle Friends. You can check out the full line-up poster below, and grab free tickets via Dice here.

Off Bloom: "We are working on a lot of collabs"

Off Bloom: "We are working on a lot of collabs"

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