Here are the best bands to catch at this year’s Vil Vil Vest, in Norway

Feat. Emma Jensen, MARBLES, SKAAR and more.

You will surely know by now, Dear Reader, that we love a little jaunt here at Dork. From foreign fests to seaside coach trips, we are forever bundling into a tiny seat and setting off for new horizons to bring you the freshest music. (If we’re honest, we really do it for those single-serving transport snacks – we just can’t get enough of ‘em.) This month, our quest brings us to Vil Vil Vest. It’s occasionally described as Norway’s answer to The Great Escape, but we Dorks think of it fondly as the festival that introduced ScandiPop powerhouse Sigrid to the world.

Set in the heart of Bergen on Norway’s western coast, this year Vil Vil Vest will showcase 70 artists at some of the city’s best venues. But where to even begin? To make things a little bit easier, and to give you a sneak preview, we’ve rounded up just a few of the highlights that await us in Norway’s second city.

Emma Jensen

Like all the best pop stars, Emma Jensen started out making music in her bedroom. Then, in 2017, she was ready to venture forth and unleash her brilliance on the world. Her debut trap-pop single ‘Closer’ has racked up nine and a half million streams since then, and frankly it is a Grade A banger.


Swinging between Tame Impala and ‘Angles’-era the Strokes, MARBLES make dreamy indie inspired by every genre from house to rock. They’ve only been releasing music since April this year, but are already building a name for themselves at art festivals and clubs. Their latest single ‘I’m Not Ready’ is bright as a crisp Bergen morning (Note: the exact crispness of Bergen mornings remains to be seen, but you get the idea. We’ll report back.)


First thing’s first here – it’s pronounced ‘score’. Now, SKAAR is considered one of Norway’s most promising next gen popstars and we’re pretty confident she’s going to deliver. After all, the actual Norwegian Royal Family has already taken her on a state visit to Chile, and they wouldn’t take just anyone would they? No they would not.


jens used to be an indie rock kid like the rest of us, but in the last few years he’s retired from stage-diving and converted to the church of pop. These days he’s a Lauv disciple, releasing catchy as hell tunes like ‘Mixtape’ and latest single ‘Awkward’.


After a few days at a festival, we’re often in desperate need of something a little bit softer. Something gentle. Luckily for us, this year we have iris. Citing influences like The Beatles’ ‘Norwegian Wood’ and Joni Mitchell, iris’ emotive tracks are just what the doctor ordered.

Mia Berg

Another popster to have found her feet making music in her bedroom, these days Mia Berg delivers tunes that are lush and sparkling. So far in 2019 she’s dropped her appropriately titled debut EP ‘Intro’, featuring soothing single ‘Hurry’ and the crystalline ‘You Decided’.

Alva Ravn

Alva Ravn has only got a single song on Spotify, but the cinematic ‘Precious Prey’ is so expansive that we can already see big things coming. Truly, we can. When you know, Reader, you just know.

Vil Vil Vest takes place from 26th-28th September in Norway. Visit for more information.

Words: Liam Konemann

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