Sigrid has shared her new comeback tune, ‘Mirror’

It's going to get an airing on Jools later this week.

Sigrid has dropped her new single, ‘Mirror’.

A cut from her post-debut-album sessions (‘Sucker Punch’ came out back in 2019), it’ll be performed live for the first time on Later… With Jools Holland on 28th May.

“Mirror is a song about accepting your personality in all its flaws,” she explains. “It’s probably a song that would have found its way to me no matter what, as this is a theme I can never quite shake off, but I think this past year of utter silence has made things even clearer. You have to trust your gut, and ultimately, what you see in the mirror.”

Of the video, she adds: “We wanted to explore how conflicting it can feel to have different sides of yourself competing against each other, and not working together. And as I can’t stand still whilst singing, there’s a lot of dancing, running, driving – you can tell I had a great time on the shoot.”

Give it a watch below.

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