Connie Constance – Miss Power

A whirlwind journey through everything that makes Connie great.

Label: PIAS
Released: 4th November 2022

Connie Constance’s second album ‘Miss Power’ is a revelation in multiple ways.

Not only is it the ultimate artistic expression from someone we’ve always known is a bit special, but it’s also a rebirth after a period of uncertainty and trauma both personally and professionally. Freed from the dispiriting atmosphere of a complacent major label Connie is re-energised and delivers a striking collection that encompasses all the elements of her artistry. It’s angry. It’s heartbreaking. It’s clever and illuminating and it’s also properly laugh out loud funny at times.

From the primal punk rock howl of ‘Kamikaze’ to the stream of consciousness epic ‘Yuck’ and the tender and inspiring ‘Red Flag’, it’s a whirlwind journey through everything that makes Connie great.

4.0 rating
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