Daughter – Stereo Mind Game

Daughter create a world of their own on new album, 'Stereo Mind Game'.

Label: 4AD
Released: 7th April 2023

In a field of moody folk and hushed electronics, that’s where we saw Daughter last all the way back in 2017. Meeting them again now feels like no time has passed at all. Weaving their melodies as effortlessly as ever, they create a world of their own on new album ‘Stereo Mind Game’.

‘Stereo Mind Game’ is an exhilarating tale of connection and disconnection fading in and out of optimism. Where bright lead single ‘Be On Your Way’ paints a picture of bass-driven resilience, ‘Neptune’ plays with eerie synths and dark lyricisms that build a stark, almost disturbing contrast to Elena Tonra’s ethereal vocals. It’s this play on emotions, the act of surrendering to opposing realities because all of them hold truth, that forms the vital essence of the record.  

Sonically, it seems to live on a different planet entirely. Flaring sonic textures that are almost palpable in their intensity, layers of driving electronics and haunting harmonies (the echo of a loved one or maybe just a voice in your head?) make for a mesmerising listening experience. No signs of reheated old material; this is Daughter at their best.

‘Stereo Mind Game’ truly allows the band to showcase the full spectrum of their sound palette. Some shades warm and familiar, others new and existing, but all of them transcendent. This album is not a “comeback record” at all in that it doesn’t desperately try to rehash old memories or cling on to past successes. It’s a natural extension of everything that came before, an organic evolution. It just took a little while longer, but what are seven years in the eye of art?

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