Foxes – The Kick

'The Kick' is a euphoric explosion timed to perfection. 

Label: PIAS
Released: 11th February 2022

That so many of 2022’s albums were created from isolation seems a given at this point. The best of them take that frustrated energy and turn it into something hopeful, and that’s what Foxes’ new full-length does – a desperate grab for escapism that hits pop heights that scream of possibility.

Opener ‘Sister Ray’ throbs with a bright, smart sheen that echoes Robyn’s greatest moments, while ‘Potential’ swaggers with youthful abandon – all 80s pop neons and dry ice. With both time to create and frustrating boundaries to build up the tension, ‘The Kick’ is a euphoric explosion timed to perfection. 

4.0 rating
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