JUNGLE – Loving In Stereo

‘Loving In Stereo’ proves to be a triumphant pursuit of elegance.

Label: AWAL
Released: 13th August 2021

British music collective JUNGLE return with their third record ‘Loving In Stereo’, an LP that reinvigorates an already successful sound with a fresh perspective across 14 expansive, luxurious and graceful tracks which continue the legacy of the country’s most exciting electronic duo. 

A great balance of vintage instrumentation and modern beats generates a timeless feel to the dynamic texture of the album; these simple combinations manage to create a surprisingly irresistible tone through refreshing pairings of sound layers, with bass dominating the groove and driving momentum while supported by a glistening synth euphoria and a deep percussion that introduces undeniable swagger.

As proven by their deliberate omission of dominating personalities and implementation of simple yet satisfying imagery, JUNGLE is not a project focused on singular voices or one creative force; it’s about the compulsive feeling evoked by the music they share. This is proven on ‘Romeo’ – the first JUNGLE tune to highlight guest vocals – where Bas flexes light rap verses over shaking bass beats and minimalistic guitar twangling, all serving to manufacture the sonic embodiment of reassurance. 

Further group contributions help flesh out JUNGLE’s large-scale world-building, all the way from the orchestral opening ‘Dry Your Tears’ to the soulful, spacious and absorbing finale, ‘Can’t Stop The Stars’. Numerous tracks in-between stand out as high soaring additions to an immense discography, particularly ‘Truth’ with its large and loose riffing and soothing vocals that rise and fall simultaneously for an enrapturing experience.

‘Loving In Stereo’ proves to be a triumphant pursuit of elegance resulting in a decadently transportive record that finds celebration in the unbridled joy of music. It is a realisation of the art that JUNGLE have been striving towards since their 2014 debut, and it’s safe to say that they’ve finally reached the high peaks of that ascension.

4.0 rating
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