Los Bitchos – Let The Festivities Begin!

An album packed with drama and primed for a stomping good time.

Label: City Slang
Released: 4th February 2022

Los Bitchos! have stampeded forth with their aptly named debut album ‘Let The Festivities Begin’, proving you don’t need vocals for an album packed with drama and primed for a stomping good time.

Rhythmic and disco-friendly, the record defies you not to strap on your dancing shoes before the opener, ‘The Link is About to Die’, reaches its halfway mark. The songs are packed full of trills and thrills, sampling the flavours of a myriad of different musical cultures and mixing them all together for a wet and wild party. It takes you on a journey, whipping you out of office-based stupor and whirling you on an intoxicating, escapist trip; the post GCSE heathenistic, hedonistic interrailing trip of your dreams.

And with no lyrics, we’re left to guess what each provocative, evocatively titled song is about. ‘FFS’, for when your best friend gets back together with the ex that you’ve just spent a whole night complaining about, for example. Or ‘Good to Go’ as a call to arms and a herald of all things fun and spontaneous. And what exactly is the circle we are invited to try? The album invites you to figure out all this and more in a whirlwind of anthems for the very best of times.

Matching boozy, bloated funk and psychedelia with wild, racing rhythms, ‘Let The Festivities Begin’ positions itself as something irresistible, becoming a presence all of its own. The musical equivalent of Phileas Fogg’s madcap journey around the world in eight days, packed full of eccentricities and never wavering too far from the ridiculous, this is one ride you definitely won’t want to miss.

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