Pixey – Free To Live In Colour EP

An extremely tight release that's all too easy to become lost in.

Label: Chess Club Records
Released: 23rd March 2021

Liverpudlian Pixey has followed up her promising debut EP with another five-track masterpiece that shows expanded depth, upgraded production and influence from multiple genres, all integrating into an extremely tight release that’s all too easy to become lost in. 

Delivering on her past promises, listeners are truly brought into Pixey’s world. While the sweeping soundscapes, angelic vocals, flittering guitar riffs and pounding beats all ensure that her sound is unmistakable, ‘Free To Live In Colour’ takes you on a multifaceted journey through funky dance bops, dream-pop elegance and highly-polished indie environments.

The mood also varies from no-nonsense on ‘Just Move’, to reminiscing over recent failures of digitising humanity with ‘Electric Dream’, and this variation of emotional expression is more than welcome when it’s tied together with such consistently well-layered levels of instrumentation. Whether you want dramatic drum fills or meaningful insights, there’s something in this world for you. 

Pixey has written, performed and produced her soul into this statement of intent – with almost excessive skills and glamour, it’s hard to see this young musician’s career going anywhere but through the roof.

5.0 rating
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