The Cribs – Night Network

It feels like a step toward something better.

Label: Sonic Blew / PIAS
Released: 20th November 2020

There’s something particularly soothing about a new Cribs album coming in this, the year to be forgotten. One of the most consistent, but never boring, bands around, the brothers Jarman have always managed to bring a shambolic heartbeat; be it the determined drums of Ross, the slugging bass of Gary, or the jangling guitar of Ryan. 

Their eighth album, ‘Night Network’ is rife with their classic sparkle: everything is as it should be, the noise of three coming together, scrappy as ever, all the way through to rousing closer ‘In The Neon Night’ that feels like its swaggering down the high street after a good night out, and it’s 2007 again. ‘Night Network’ is a Cribs album to be sure. 

Offering a warming hope, it feels like a step toward something better.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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