The Japanese House – In The End It Always Does

The Japanese House is entering the era she was always born to headline.

Label: Dirty Hit
Released: 30th June 2023

When it comes to The Japanese House, it’s never been about adapting alongside the ever-changing pace of the world but rather, the world catching up with just how far ahead of the pack Amber Bain is.

At its core, ‘In The End It Always Does’ is an album fully sure of itself and revelling in pushing everything The Japanese House is to bigger heights. The electric pluck-and-punch of ‘Touching Yourself’ already feels like a certified pop banger, the sun-kissed ‘Friends’ and the swooning ‘Sad To Breathe’ dial up tones to new levels yet are firmly in the DNA that has pulled everyone into the world of The Japanese House.

A record of uplifting joy stemming from life’s setbacks, heartbreaks and hurdles, ‘Over There’ and ‘One For Sorrow Two For Joni Jones’ may be Amber’s greatest turns to date when it comes to nailing that emotional gut punch. The latter sounds like the sort of classic born from a late evening overlooking the city. Its open door to pure emotional release makes it an album that transcends simply a collection of very good tunes: it’s an album waiting to be replayed over and over.

Even with notable collaborators along the ride (MUNA’s Katie Gavin serving as a perfect sparring partner on ‘Morning Pages’, and The 1975’s Matty and George thrive on the truly great ‘Sunshine Baby’), Amber’s sitting firmly at the centre of everything. Distinctly raw and real, ‘In The End It Always Does’ is The Japanese House entering the era she was always born to headline. World, you better keep up.

5.0 rating
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