The Orielles – The Goyt Method

The Orielles show a new side of themselves with latest EP, 'The Goyt Method'.

Label: Heavenly
Released: 26th May 2023

While their sound has evolved far from their debut album ‘Silver Dollar Moment’, The Orielles show a new side of themselves with ‘The Goyt Method’. Named after Goyt Mill, where the mix was created, the EP sees the band experiment with sound design using samples from their latest album ‘Tableau’. Taking these snippets, they resample them into something entirely new.

‘The Goyt Method’ is material evidence that creativity thrives under constraints. Through focusing in on brief samples of their previous work, they give themselves room to explore. Production takes precedent across the EP as they pick apart their samples, making way to rebuild. There’s beauty in simplicity, and track after track, each detail provides another hook to create a truly immersive listen.

‘The Goyt Method’ marks a new era for The Orielles as their creativity is channelled into something entirely different than what we’ve heard from them before. From the ambient echoes to the throbbing intensity, they have used their experimentation to produce something both sonically interesting and beautiful, taking their listeners on a journey to celebrate the creativity of experimentation.

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