Trunky Juno – Good Dog EP

Irresistibly catchy pop hooks in a pool of distorted indie production.

Label: Young Poet Records
Released: 2nd July 2021

Self-described “lo-fi pop noodler” Trunky Juno has returned with his second EP offering ‘Good Dog’, which continues to expand the North East artist’s gleeful discography with 4 more playful tunes bathing irresistibly catchy pop hooks in a pool of distorted indie production.

Lead single ‘Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes’ immediately reestablishes the quirky tone that Trunky is synonymous with; warped, rumbling and screeching guitars deliver strong melodies alongside the easily distinguishable vocals, both of which feed into the generally skittish atmosphere. Thematically discussing a desire to escape reality, the track itself is very much capable of facilitating just that for 3 minutes of fast-paced vibrance.

Energy levels fluctuate across the rest of the EP, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – even in more reflective and sentimental tones, peculiar anecdotes are twisted and moulded into enthralling journeys exploring some intangible topics of discussions that uproot bittersweet nostalgia with a sonically modern touch.

Eclectic and all-embracing indie-pop serves as an effective medium for Trunky Juno to spin his conspicuously tongue-in-cheek tales of games shows and pizza toppings and continuing to wrap these funky gifts in artwork featuring expressive puppies is the cherry on top of this sprightly cake.

3.0 rating
Total Score
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