Vagabon – Sorry I Haven’t Called

An album that chases joy at every turn.

Label: Nonesuch
Released: 15th September 2023

Vagabon’s career has been defined by delicate, vulnerable moments of introspection but after a four-year gap, she’s back with a bang. ‘Sorry I Haven’t Called’ is a smirkingly confident album, with the title brushing off any worries about taking too long to make her return. Dreamy opener ‘Can I Talk My Shit?’ blends ethereal escapism with cocksure pop swagger, while the pulsating ‘Carpenter’ is driven by a main character energy. She knows music this good is worth the wait.

An album that chases joy at every turn, ‘Sorry I Haven’t Called’ cycles through urgent dance, fiery indie and feel good pop with a resilient sense of euphoria underpinning every joyous moment. There’s a depth to the carnival atmosphere though, with the off-kilter ‘It’s A Crisis’ flirting with doom and the closing ‘Anti-Fuck’ forced to twist isolation into a search for togetherness. That communal energy rages across ‘Sorry I Haven’t Called’ as Vagabon heads to the club.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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