Wasuremono – Let’s Talk P. 2

Full to the brim of catchy hooks and joyful harmonies.

Label: The Wilderness Records
Released: 28th January 2022

While many of us spent lockdown binging Netflix, Wiltshire quartet Wasuremono were working on new music. Their expansive new catalogue has come together in two parts, with the latter ‘Let’s Talk Pt.  2’ proving to be every bit as thoughtful and optimistic as its predecessor.

The ‘Let’s Talk’ catalogue explores the complexities of mental health with a gentle understanding. With both parts released as full-length albums, we are graced with two complementary works which both feel complete in their own right.

‘Let’s Talk Pt. 2’ brings together everything that makes Wasuremono great. From manic art-pop track ‘Don’t Stop’ to the dreamy ‘Fill Your Lungs’, it’s clear from start to finish that no matter what the band throw themselves at, they do not compromise on their distinctive sound.

Stemming from experimentation, the album uses a wide range of textures to produce a full, warm sound. Upbeat rhythms and explosive energy bring a sense of childlike wonder while the layered harmonies bring a slick finesse are utterly compelling. 

More than anything, ‘Let’s Talk Pt. 2’ is an album you can’t come away from in a bad mood. Final track ‘Happy Lunacy’ is a perfect ending. As loony as it gets, Wasuremono have found a way to tackle hard hitting topics with a fun outlook. Full to the brim of catchy hooks and joyful harmonies, ‘Let’s Talk Pt. 2’ is yet another string to the bow of an exciting band at their very best.

4.0 rating
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