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MGMT: "It's the most sincere and positive album that we've made"

MGMT navigate positivity, partnerships, and the idea that love conquers all with their new album, ‘Loss Of Life’.

Cole Bleu is back on a brand new beat: "For once, I don't feel scared at all"

After a period of making assertive changes in pretty much every aspect of her life, Cole Bleu is back with a whole new sound.

Junodream: "Does an ant know what a motorway is? Probably not"

With their debut album, dream-rock four-piece Junodream set out on an odyssey through space, sound and humanity.
Junodream - Pools Of Colour

Junodream - Pools Of Colour

A declarative release affirming Junodream's long-running status as one of the most interesting bands out there.
The Vaccines - Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations

The Vaccines - Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations

Their latest record demands that we keep dreaming.

Hype List 2024: Picture Parlour: "We're giving it a good fucking go"

They arrived into a tornado of buzz, chaos and badly-targeted social media outrage, but you can ignore all of that, Dear Reader. Picture Parlour are the real deal.

Hype List 2024: Divorce: "Being a little cringe also means being free"

Divorce aren't trying to be cool, instead aiming for a much-needed dose of warmth and kindness.

Hype List 2024: DEADLETTER: "Through the urgency within our music, you can hear we work hard"

After years of hard graft, DEADLETTER are finding their feet with a potent garage-post-punk mix.

Sundara Karma: "I'd like to enjoy the full spectrum of what's on offer in life"

Indie’s most resilient and daring band, Sundara Karma are back as they return to their roots with ‘Better Luck Next Time’.

Baby Queen: Reign on me

Embracing her ‘Quarter Life Crisis’, Baby Queen’s debut album is a poignant journey of self-discovery, blending catchy cynicism with heartfelt reflection and unapologetic honesty.
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