Violet’s ‘tracks to listen to on tour’ playlist, feat. Spinn, Kylie, Swim Deep and more

It's probably fine for road trips too, like.

Do you tour a lot? Us neither. Midlands five-piece Violet do though, and they like having some ‘banging’ ‘tunes’ for the road. In the middle of a handful of spring shows (catch them at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London on 18th May, and Jimmy’s in Manchester on the 19th), the boys have put together a list of their fave tracks to listen to in the van – including choice cuts from newcomers SPINN, indie faves Swim Deep, and pop legend Kylie.

Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do

This tune is well ahead of its time, will always boggle my mind that it was released in 1970, this is the OG dream pop anthem, God bless Brian and co.

Spinn – Bliss

This is one of those rare songs where the artwork makes the listening experience 1000x better, as I can just imagine myself being inside it listening to this song, well done SPINN for a great summer track.

Wild Nothing – Rheya

Rheya is an understated piece of dream pop magic; it was the song that got us all into Wild Nothing, a proper night time driving song.

Jaws – End Of The World

End of the world has been on repeat for as long as I can remember. That riff is truly a thing of beauty, good job boys.

Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth

‘They say in heaven loves comes first, ooh heaven is a place on earth’. It just reaches right into the deepest depths of feels, if you don’t unconditionally love this song I don’t know how you sleep at night. The breakdown of this: this song is what I believe to be the best explanation of what true love feels like, the inappropriately reverberated toms that build into the greatest drum fill of all time ever, ever and when you think it can’t get better, that key change, THAT key change. Heaven well and truly is exactly where this piece of musical mastery belongs.

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Can’t get you out of my head is a timeless classic, showcasing the pure genius of 2000’s chart pop. Bouncy feel, winding, dreamy melodies and pure nostalgia are why this song is always traditionally played in our van after a show.

Big Thief – Real Love

Adrianne Lenker’s powerful yet vulnerable vocals are just the icing on the cake for this swaying, gritty and moving track.

Kate Bush – Mother Stands For Comfort

That bass line, that synth, that Kate, what a dreamboat.

Swim Deep – Fueiho Boogie

The ultimate driving track! Love the story behind the songs name, as well as the electronic elements intertwined with that infectious guitar hook. The ending is the perfect send off for this track.

Violet’s new single ‘Wilt’ is out now.

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