!!! (Chk Chk Chk) have shared another new single, ‘Here’s What I Need To Know’

It's taken from their new album 'Let It Be Blue'.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) have shared another single from their new album ‘Let It Be Blue’.

Set for release on 6th May via Warp Records, the latest track to arrive from the band is titled ‘Here’s What I Need To Know’, and follows up on the previously aired ‘Storm Around The World’.

Explaining the track, the band say: “‘Here’s What I Need To Know’ is a song about the moment when you know a relationship is finished- either because you’re over it, or you realise the other person is. It’s about how all the details of those moments, like an Aaliyah song on the radio or watching snowfall through a window, become imprinted in your memory as well.

“Musically, the first half builds using arpeggiated synths, trance stabs and layers of percussion. For the second half, we sampled a small bit of the end of the chorus, the last two chords and the word “over” to create a loop. Then, like in a French Touch song, we used that loop as the basis for the full beat that comes in to end the song and provide some release.”

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