Circa Waves have surprise dropped a new EP: “We feel like we’ve hit our stride”

To find out a bit more about it, we dropped frontman Kieran Shudall a few questions. Stream the new release, and read more below.

Fresh off the back of dropping their new track ‘Hell On Earth’ earlier this week, Circa Waves have surprise released a new EP.

Operating under the same ‘Hell On Earth’ banner, the four-track collection comes ahead of an appearance at Reading & Leeds next weekend, plus a Dork’s Night Out warm-up show at Stoke’s Sugarmill on 25th August.

To find out a bit more about the EP, we dropped frontman Kieran Shudall a few questions. Stream the new release, and read more below.

Hey Kieran. What are you up to today?
Running around doing last-minute
things to launch ‘Hell on Earth’. Also making beans and sausage for my son. Good day all round.

So, your new EP is called ‘Hell On Earth’, which sounds a bit dark – are you guys doing ok?
Is anyone ok at the moment? It’s all a bit mad, isn’t it? As a band, we are better than ever. We feel like we’ve hit our stride with this EP. But generally, yeah the EP is a bit moody.

If someone were to design a hell specifically for you, what would be in it?
Living in a house where Boris Johnson is the chef and he puts cinnamon in everything.

You’ve had a bit of a break since the last album – for obvious reasons – how did you spend the enforced time off?
I raised a child to the best of my ability, wrote tons of music, acquired tinnitus and found a new love for electronic music. Life is more chaotic but more fun.

Where did all these new songs come from? Was there a specific inspiration?
Most of these new songs were all written in a newfound state of sleep deprivation, courtesy of my child. But honestly, it’s helped me write in a more free way, I let the songs fall naturally out of me instead of chasing an idea of what Circa Waves should be.

The EP is a surprise for us. When was the last time you were surprised?
I woke up with the neighbour’s cat’s arse in my face this morning.

So does this EP suggest there’s more to come? What’s next?
It may suggest that, and if it does suggest that to you, then maybe you’re on to something. Or maybe you’re just very suggestible.

You’ve Reading & Leeds up next week. That’s Circa Waves’ home turf, really, isn’t it? Presumably, you’ll be going big with some of these new tracks there?
It does feel very familiar to us, although it never gets normal playing these big festivals. I still wake up thinking about the show every day and how I want it to be perfect. We will play ‘Hell On Earth’ for sure, if we can remember the chords.

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