Hannah Grae has unveiled a new single, ‘Jaded’

Hannah has announced her upcoming mini album 'Hell Is A Teenage Girl', to be released on 21st April.

Hannah Grae has released her latest single ‘Jaded’.

Alongside the new track, Hannah has announced her upcoming mini album ‘Hell Is A Teenage Girl’, to be released on 21st April. Consisting of nine tracks, it includes Hannah’s previously released singles ‘Propaganda’‘Time Of Your Life’‘I Never Say No’ and title track ‘Hell Is A Teenage Girl’

Speaking about the track, Hannah says: “Jaded will always be one of the most special songs to me. I wanted to return back to the singer/songwriter tone of my older content on YouTube and TikTok and write about something that I found really difficult to deal with. Jaded was the last song I wrote for this project and by this point, I was so used to playing a character in my songs. I loved that I could show the different edges of my personality in my music and kind of use them as shields. But for Jaded, I needed to be honest and come to terms with the fact that I had lost someone I thought was a great friend. It tackles the feeling of inferiority in friendships and how someone else’s disposition can really reflect on your own. The honesty and candidness of Jaded are something I’ve taken into my writing since then.”

You can check it out here:

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