Molly Burman celebrates “every human’s uniqueness, sexuality and ability to love” with new single, ‘Beautiful People’

It's a cut from her upcoming EP, due in August.

Molly Burman has released a brand new single, ‘Beautiful People’.

The first track to be taken from her new EP ‘Worlds Within Worlds’, due in August, it’s about appreciating the beauty of the people around you.

Molly explains: “Beautiful people is about my experience being young, queer, confused and falling in love with everyone I meet. I’m very much at a time in my life where I love dating and meeting new people and it just feels wrong to settle down when there are so many amazing people out there that I haven’t even met yet, with all these little things about them that make them so beautiful. This song is a celebration of every human’s uniqueness, sexuality and ability to love.”

Check it out below.

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