Sundara Karma’s new single ‘Godsend’ is quite emo y’know

They're not okay.

Sundara Karma have shared their new single, ‘Godsend’.

The track – which coincides with a tiny show at London’s The Lexington tonight (Friday, 17th September), marks their first new music since last year’s EP ‘Kill Me’.

Frontman Oscar Pollock says: “Godsend is about loss, but it’s also about how I realised that loss doesn’t actually exist, in the bigger sense of it all.

“For example, people will always be taken away from you whether through death, or heartbreak, or through things like suffering from mental illness but there will always be moments when you can come back together again either physically or by thought. Interestingly if the encounter you had was really meaningful, some sort of connection always remains.

“It’s very personal too, I’m talking about my own struggle with the light and the dark and also the struggles of those who are dear to me. We all continuously have moments when we can feel the darkness creeping in but it’s important to remember that it will always wash away – and that’s how I hope people are left feeling after listening to the song, that sure, loss can break you but it is not absolute.”

Check it out below.

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