Thomas Headon and Lizzy McAlpine have teamed up for jaunty collab, ‘Bored’

It was inspired by a waning relationship.

Thomas Headon and Lizzy McAlpine have teamed up for a playful new single.

Speaking about ‘Bored’, Thomas explains: “‘Bored’ was written in London the first time Lizzy and I met! We struggled for ages to try and find a place to write but eventually just ended up writing in my tiny bedroom I was in at the time.

“I was briefly seeing someone and was saying to her about how boring it had gotten, we’d have the same conversations over and over again because neither of us really put the effort into learning about each other and the song stemmed from there.

“Lizzy and I recorded it on opposite sides of the globe and spent numerous facetime calls arguing with each other about who would be singing what. I’m pretty sure we got it in the end though!”

Lizzy adds: “Thomas and I wrote Bored the first time we met. We had a session that lasted for 6 hours and all we got done was the chorus. We wrote it about shitty relationships, feeling uninspired by the person you’re with and not knowing how to tell them that. It’s a feeling we had both felt before, so that chorus came pretty naturally in the session. A few months later we decided to finish it, and now it’s yours to keep. We hope you enjoy it.”

Give it a listen below.

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