William Doyle has announced his album ‘Springs Eternal’ with new single, ‘Relentless Melt’

The album's coming early next year via Tough Love Records.
Photo Credit: Parri Thomas

William Doyle has announced a new album.

‘Springs Eternal’ is set for release on 16th February via Tough Love Records, preceded by new teaser track ‘Relentless Melt’.

“The term ‘time’s relentless melt’ struck me as a great phrase within Susan Sontag’s essay ‘On Photography’,” he explains. “Sontag writes of the ability for a photograph to freeze a moment in someone’s life while also documenting the unrelenting movement of time itself. It was something I was thinking a lot about while making this album. 

“One remedy I’ve found for the feeling that the end of time is hurtling towards us is in the refuge that songs and albums can offer me. Songs are rooms in which one has the ability to have their sense of time pleasurably distorted. There’s a couple of moments in this song where I tried to create a literal interpretation of that very distortion. Can you hear it? It’s coming up over the horizon.”

The news follows his October tour, and the release of recent single, ‘Surrender Yourself’. Inspired in part by AI, it marked his first track since 2021 album ‘Great Spans of Muddy Time’.

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