Black Pumas – Chronicles Of A Diamond

This is not simply an album; it's an experience.

Label: ATO Records/[PIAS]
Released: 27th October 2023

Prepare to be enthralled and entranced once again by Black Pumas. After their earth-shattering debut, the duo reach new heights with ‘Chronicles Of A Diamond’. With blistering, shimmering vocals and quippy, buzzing guitar riffs, the album is laced with 70s seductiveness and psychedelia, transcending genres and creating a mosaic of sound unique to them.

Featuring hip-shaking funk and playfully plucked strings, ‘More Than A Love Song’ is a roaring opening track, capturing ears and hearts with the most dazzling, fiery vocals, gospel harmonies and infectious tambourine shaking. As always, the duo’s song placement is meticulously considered to ease into the world Black Pumas have created within the next ten tracks, waiting open and alert.

As each track unfolds, the glimmering, delicate piano riffs are bewitching. Transitioning into the slower, meditative ‘Angel’, distorted riffs and dreamy vocals offer a warm, cosy hug with striking sonic brilliance. The mesmerising kaleidoscope of synths and bright drums in ‘Hello’ feel buoyant, bobbing along in bliss for the duration of the track.

From start to finish, expectations are continually eclipsed by Black Pumas’ style and finesse. The buzzy, tasty ‘Gemini Sun’, feels a little darker, more sensual and electrifying. Closing on ‘Rock and Roll’, which opens with a swelling piano riff to end all piano riffs, it’s a seismic end to the album. Building to a crescendo with a short, snappy finish, it’s magnetic. This is not simply an album; it’s an experience. Brilliant, mesmerising and exceptionally composed.

4.0 rating
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