Katy J Pearson – Sound of the Morning

'Sound of the Morning' is bursting with new life and optimism.

Label: Heavenly Recordings
Released: 8th July 2022

After stealing the hearts of the alternative music crowd in 2020 with her staggeringly serene debut, Katy J Pearson presents to us a new set of diamonds, with not a single piece of coal amongst them.

Equipped with her imitable vocal delivery, Katy has broadened her scope into new musical reaches while maintaining her golden ratio of nostalgic 70s-esque folk-rock tones and undeniably modern vibes. Picture Stevie Nicks signing to Heavenly Recordings and then being injected with a double dose of rural British charm.

‘Sound of the Morning’ is bursting with new life and optimism, embodying the first day of spring. ‘The Riverbed’ hears a lively mix of woodwind to back an upbeat rhythm that makes it impossible not to get lost in Katy’s crystalline falsetto that peppers a tension throughout the track that helps it avoid being a poppy, happy-go-lucky tune. There’s a pensiveness to even the happiest of tracks on the record as the Gloucester-born singer-songwriter provides a duality that evades distinct definition and instead flows with every new song. When the music is bright and colourful, there’s a shade of uncertainty in her vocals. When ‘Alligator’ drives forward with a sinister bassline, the chorus is flush with the full might of Katy’s range.

Lyrically, she’s on top form, weaving a rich tapestry of images and sentiments that range from dealing with newfound success in ‘Talk Over Town’ to lamenting the departure of someone dear in ‘The Hour’. 

To nobody’s surprise, this second release has cemented Katy J Pearson as a link between the pluckiness of modern alternative artists and the artistry of classic rock from decades gone by. Choosing even a single song from ‘Sound of the Morning’ is a masterclass in fusing tones while implementing truly unique character and essence.

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