There's truly a smattering of everything, and Paris Texas pull it all off with an effortless style.

Label: Paris Texas
Released: 14th May 2021

Hype erupted with Paris Texas earlier this year when they popped up with their first single, ‘HEAVYMETAL’ – and for good reason. The duo merged a cataclysmic sound with fresh-faced rapping in an addictive balance of attitude and style.

Now, expanding their arsenal to a whopping eight tracks, ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ feels like an apt title for Paris Texas’ first step proper into the world – it’s hard to quite pin down just who they’ll be next. There is a noticeable sidestep from that brash sound into something a bit more focused on beats and bombast, but the energy forever remains palpable.

Easing in with the light-footed dance of ‘CASINO’, it shimmy-shakes seamlessly into ‘PACK 4 DA LOW’ which harps on like a softened Sleigh Bells cut as the duo bandy above spitting alongside the flowing melody.

Leaning smoothly into a more lackadaisical approach, on ‘BETTER DAYS’ they wistfully ponder those titular days. You can even already feel the vibrations of the dance floor on the bouncing bass line of ‘SITUATIONS’ echoing through its sparse sound where the duo could be on the other side of a large warehouse.

‘AREA CODE’ holds its own little side shindig. Over repeated queries of if we want to know where they live, it goes no further really, loping into the matching ‘A QUICK DEATH’. Then all becomes clear. They were being cheeky and building us into the loud, brashness of ‘HEAVYMETAL’ and the party kicks off again. Certainly an outlier, it still stands as Paris Texas’ statement piece, with everything built around it acting as an extension as opposed to building blocks.

Rounding things off, ‘FORCE OF HABIT’ climbs down from the rafters strutting around like cock of the walk. There’s truly a smattering of everything, and Paris Texas pull it all off with an effortless style. Hype never lies.

4.0 rating
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