Scene Queen – Hot Singles In Your Area


Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 28th June 2024

With her debut album ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’, Scene Queen emerges as a molotov cocktail of candour and chaos. From the feral opening of ‘MILF’, we’re beckoned into uncharted territory where Hannah Rose Collins’ voice soars in rapturous defiance – her guttural growls and croons conjuring a feral punk cherub embracing its sexuality. This is pure, unapologetic Bimbocore.

While swaggering anthems like ‘Finger’ and ‘Pink Push Up Bra’ revel in empowerment, Collins’ true power lies in vulnerability. The scorching ‘Stuck’ captures the euphoric chaos of self-discovery with disarming honesty. When Collins decries the misogynistic double standards of a society that “slut shames” feminine expression on WARGASM collab ‘Girls Gone Wild’, it positively electrifies.

‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ transcends debut album novelty, offering a nuanced revelation of unbridled selfhood that alchemises youthful anarchy with hard-earned wisdom. While bubblegum-meets-brutality may seem discordant, in effect it detonates like a disorienting shock in the best possible way.

Collins deftly merges sugary innocence and serrated rage, carving space for anyone confined by restrictive identity codes. With sly humour, she wields sexual celebration and sociopolitical fury like a weapon – and woe betide anyone who gets in her way.

‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ rallies us to unleash our core selves, discarding calcified personas for an authenticity that burns with a revolutionary fire. Let the inhibited stay safe and sound in their boring cells; for the truth-seekers, Scene Queen orchestrates a jailbreak clad head to toe in hot pink. Discard propriety and brace for a brazen new world. 

4.0 rating
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