TORRES – Thirstier

Torres’ new groove is one to get behind.

Label: Merge Records
Released: 30th July 2021

Something’s snuck underneath Torres’ skin, it would seem. Previously the songwriter’s output has erred on the sparse, acoustic side, opting for the human experience to be a bit more elegiac and subdued, than rambunctious. But that pesky little thing called love has wormed its way in and nudged Torres into a crunching, elevated state; a bit more wide-eyed and frantic.  

It turns out this is all Rather Good. Where the previous iterations of Torres were adept at holding their heart on their sleeve, there’s something about a distorted guitar, flittering electronica, or euphorically thick chorus that gives these tales of loves darkest and most joyous moments (and a bit of theological nihilism to boot (‘Keep The Devil Out’)) an added oomph. One that as easily gets you swaying on a dancefloor as it will cathartically flinging a pillow around your room. Sitting underneath, there’s a continuous dark underlay that’s all-embracing. The odd moments that do dig into Torres of old (‘Big Leap’) make for a lovely sorbet before the one of new cranks it up to crack on once more.

Really, who needs brightness and loveliness when some grouchy synths, or a driving howl, or just some crunching guitars sound this good. Torres’ new groove is one to get behind.

4.0 rating
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