TV Priest – My Other People

A record that exposes a new element of vulnerability and emotional honesty.

Label: Sub Pop
Released: 17th June 2022

Committing a soft reboot after their quick-witted and politically-charged debut, TV Priest have returned with their second album, ‘My Other People’. A record that exposes a new element of vulnerability and emotional honesty in the band that makes no sacrifice to their gritty, unshackled punk sound. 

Using the full range of his vocal talents, lead singer Charlie Drinkwater carries the album through sullen, melancholic mutterings that ring with a dissatisfied longing, to bellowed and impassioned cries imbued with truly unfiltered emotion. Every lyric has tapped directly into Charlie’s feelings during a time of his declining mental health, using music as a method to translate his experience. TV Priest have weaponised their turmoil for this album. 

‘My Other People’ is underpinned by an array of distorted strings and brutal beats from drummer Ed Kelland, bassist Nic Bueth and guitarist/keys/producer Alex Sprogis. The sound of the album flows with an easy precision from grimy garage band tones to tripped out, experimental riffing in the blink of an eye, leaving every song in a league of its own in the tracklisting. ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ sees the band hugely stripped back, sombrely embracing their newfound intimacy and four tracks later, ‘It Was A Gift’ switches into fifth gear with a tantalising post-punk bassline and harsh attacks of strings throughout.

There’s no doubt that this is a new era for the London four-piece as they endeavour to express a truer version of themselves while maintaining their hardy punk appearance. TV Priest’s hearts are not just on their sleeves, they’re served on a platter for us to enjoy.

4.0 rating
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