Arlo Parks talks Tyler, The Creator and Ashnikko in a new interview – watch

The former Dork cover star has been in conversation with Apple Music 1's Matt Wilkinson.

Later this week, Arlo Parks will be dropping her new album ‘My Soft Machine’. Before that, she’s been in conversation with Apple Music 1‘s Matt Wilkinson.

In an exclusive interview, the former Dork cover star shares her thoughts on her musical journey, her admiration for Tyler, The Creator, and the personal aspects of her songwriting.

During the conversation, she reflects on a significant encounter with Tyler, The Creator at Coachella. “I can’t explain how special that moment was for me,” Arlo explains. “I think there’s a generation of young Black people who were creating things that sat outside of the mold of what was expected. And Odd Future and that group of people were such a beacon. And I feel like Tyler’s… His artistry, his ability to go into the world of fashion and film and comedy and just be this restless creative force, I just… Yeah, it was an amazing moment, for sure.”

“It took a long time for him to build his way into the world of the mainstream. For a long time, he was very much on the fringes of things, and I think that he taught a generation of people that you can just do your own thing. And maybe for a long time people aren’t going to get it, but eventually when they do, you become a figurehead of something else and you’ve created your own table.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she also touches on writing about her girlfriend Ashnikko on the new album.

When asked if that’s something she’s explicitly done on this record, Arlo recounts: “Yeah, I have. And that’s been hard. I feel like when it comes to my relationship, I say all I want to say in the music and then I have to explain other details. But sometimes, I’m just like… I don’t know. I think it’s worth it. You know? Have to celebrate the important things in your life. I’m not going to not write about her because people are going to ask me questions.”

You can watch the full video from 10am BST tomorrow on Arlo Park’s YouTube channel and listen to the full interview with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1 between 1-3pm on 31st May.

Arlo Parks’ new album ‘My Soft Machine’ is set to drop this Friday, 26th May.