BILK have shared their cheeky new tune, ‘I Got Knocked Out The Same Night England Did’

Oi, break it up.

Essex trio BILK have shared their new single, ‘I Got Knocked Out The Same Night England Did’.

It’s a comical retelling of a messy night out from singer and songwriter Sol Abrahams. “The song documents a true story of when I got into a fight on the night England got knocked out of the World Cup,” he explains.

“I got knocked out myself and had to spend three nights in hospital with a fractured skull and a concussion. It definitely seems that violence on nights out has become a normal part of British culture, and more often than not is sparked by something insignificant like the result of an England game, so I wanted to make a song about my experience with that.

“I’d like to think that when pubs reopen everyone will be pleased to see each other, and there won’t be as many fights, but I don’t reckon anything will change.”

Give it a listen below.

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