binki has dropped a new single, ‘Rocket Ship’

He's got a new EP on the way via FADER Label.

binki has dropped a new single, ‘Rocket Ship’.

Arriving after his recent single ‘Hotel Window’, it’s the latest cut from his ‘Antennae’ EP, which follows on from debut ‘Motor Function’ and is set for release on 16th June via Fader Label.

Describing ‘Rocket Ship’, binki explains: “In my personal life, I’m really easy going to the point where people can take advantage of me. I don’t really like confrontation, but typically there’s always a breaking point where things just become very clear to me. Often I’ll just cut people out of my life if I feel like they’re mistreating me or being toxic. I’m not draconian about it I wouldn’t say but you really ought to be selfish with your time and look after your mental, over anything else. ‘Rocket Ship’ is about that moment where you just realize the vibes are off, and you’re ready to go. Sometimes people try to gaslight you when this situation happens but you just gotta remain solid.”

Check it out below.

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