Dove Cameron is going discopoptastic on her new single ‘LazyBaby’

The Really Very Famous type has gone 'a bit dua' for her new bop.

Dove Cameron has dropped a brand new discopoptastic new single, ‘LazyBaby’.

The Really Very Famous, multi-talented star has gone ‘a bit Dua’ for a new single, produced by Jonas Jerberg.

“LazyBaby is not a breakup song,” Dove explains. “It’s a break through song. It’s the song I would sing to get me out of bed in the morning in a time when I felt like I couldn’t even do my laundry, and that would make me laugh and keep me on the path to choosing myself. I want to be clear: This is not a hateful song. There is a sense of humor, a wink inside every lyric. This song is actually about STILL loving someone, but making the decision to put yourself first when you know you need to, wipe away your tears, clean out all their stuff from your apartment and give yourself all the love you had been giving to them.”

The track follows up on last summer’s ‘We Belong’, and recent news she’ll be taking one of the leads in the new live action Powerpuff Girls series. Yes. Honestly. She’s Bubbles, ‘FYI’. Amazing, huh?

You can check out ‘LazyBaby’ below.

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