The 1975 just sent us a letter confirming their new track, ‘Love It If We Made It’

The postie just showed up to Dork HQ with what looks like confirmation of the next track from 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships', and it'll be with us next week.

The 1975 look like they’re dropping a brand new track next week – or at least they are if the bit of paper that just showed up at Dork HQ is correct.

Our friendly postie just dropped off an envelope containing a single bit of paper, proving our favourite pop powerhouses are at it again.

“On 19th July,” it reads, “the 1975 release ‘Love It If We Made It’”.

‘Love It If We Made It’ is the second track from the 1975’s forthcoming third album ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’,” it continues.

The document goes on to list what we assume are lyrics, some of which featured in the band’s recent care package sent out to fans. It also references Lil Peep, Kanye and Jesus. You can check out an image below.

So, either one of you is messing with us – or we’re now the official postal mouthpiece for the 1975. You bet we’re putting that on our CV.

The 1975 just sent us a letter confirming their new track, 'Love It If We Made It'

The text of the note reads: “Fucking in a car – shooting heroin – saying controversial things just for the hell of it – selling melanin and then – suffocate the black men – start with misdemeanours and we’ll make a business out of them – and we can find out the information access all the applications that are hardening positions based on miscommunication – oh! fuck your feelings! truth is only hear say! we’re just left to decay! modernity has failed us – but I’d love it if we made it – yes, I’d love it if we made it – poison me daddy – I got the jones right through my bones – write it on a piece of stone – a beach of drowning 3 year olds – rest in peace Lil Peep – the poetry is on the streets – Jesus save us! – modernity has failed us – and I’d love it if we made it – tell me something I didn’t know – consultation degradation fossil fuelling masturbation immigration liberal kitsch kneeling on a pitch – “I moved on her like a bitch!!” – excited to be indicted – unrequited house with seven pools – thank you Kanye, very cool! – war has been incited and guess what you’re all invited – and you’re famous – modernity has failed us – and I’d love it if we made it.”

The band have two new albums coming – the first, ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ is due later this year (possibly October); the second, ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is next spring (possibly April).

As for live ‘stuff’, Matty recently popped a photo on Instagram that looks very much like the beginnings of a setlist, and manager Jamie Oborne suggested once upon a time that a new tour would be being announced “around August”.

UPDATE. The 1975 have confirmed ‘Love It If We Made It’. So there we go. Sound the buzz klaxons, for the next week we’re on another the 1975 hype train.

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