LCD Soundsystem played three new songs, ‘Tonight’, ‘Call Police’ and ‘American Dream’, in New York last night

The band asked fans not to film their set, so you'll have to wait to hear them.
LCD Soundsystem kicked off their five-night residency at New York’s Brooklyn Steel last night, and they played a trio of new songs too.

That’s what we can work out from ‘the internet’, anyway. The band specifically asked fans not to record clips of the new material (or the old stuff, either)

“We have a special plea,” a poster at the show read. “Please don’t film the old songs. We already made a whole movie out of those and you’re not gonna find a ‘better angle’ with your iPhone than Spike Jonze found with his camera.”

“Please don’t film the new songs,” it continues. “It’d be a real gutpunch to all the people who have been working insanely hard for the last 18 months to release this music in the way we want to release it.”

No, we’re not going to go against their wishes and track down some dodgy live videos to post. Someone else will do that. We love you, LCD. Remember that. We’d never let you down.

Still, they didn’t say we couldn’t find out what those new tracks were called. From this snap of the setlist, ‘Tonight’, ‘Call Police’ and ‘American Dream’ will all feature on that much anticipated new LCD Soundsystem album when it finally arrives.

And as for if they’re up to scratch?

Have a 10/10 lyric, too.

And for a full review, Reddit has your back.

Drop us some new material, James. Pronto. Staying this excited for so long can’t be healthy.

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