Here’s Pale Waves’ latest massive banger, ‘Kiss’

It's finally - officially - here! Another sonic mega-banger from the house of Pale Waves.
Pale Waves only make bangers.

And the first track since the release of their debut EP ‘All The Things I Never Said’ is no exception.

It’s called ‘Kiss’ and it’s grand. If you’ve seen ’em live, you’ve probably already fallen victim to its shimmery wonder. Or perhaps you caught it when Spotify decided to release it early for the briefest of moments. Anyway, who cares about the past? You can finally listen to ‘Kiss’ now and forever more. Enjoy.


We caught up with Pale Waves’ increasingly iconic leader Heather Baron Gracie a couple of weeks ago at Live At Leeds. You’ll find more from that in the next issue of Dork, but until then, have this Really Rather Relevant slice of chit-chat.

Hey Heather. Obviously we spoke to you at the start of the year and it’s been pretty much non stop for Pale Waves ever since. How’s that been?

It’s been overwhelming at times but the demand’s there, so it’s amazing. Couldn’t really ask for a better year so far.

And how’s the album coming along?

We’ve got about 6 tracks recorded, fully, and obviously we’ve got way more to record. We do have an album tracklist, but I’m writing as much as I can. It’ll be a last minute thing of “this should be on the album” and “this shouldn’t be”. But it’s going really great. It’s mind-blowing to think that we’re going to have an album out. An album!

[sc name=”pull” text=”We’ve got about 6 tracks recorded, fully, and obviously we’ve got way more to record”]

Tell us about ‘Kiss’, cos that’s released soon, right?

“Well – it got leaked. I was like, what? I was just on my phone and got texts saying “‘Kiss’ is out, it sounds great.” What the fuck?

‘Kiss’ is one of our older songs. It’s always been a song that’s so great to play live and is received so well, because it’s such a fun song. Its not too dramatic, it’s quite light hearted, its quite naive. I like how we’re releasing it before the album because you can see how I’ve grown as a songwriter. I wrote ‘Kiss’ when I was 17 or 18 – its been around for a while. I’m excited for people to hear how I’ve changed.

I love ‘Kiss’, because it’s such fun. It’s just a really uplifting song, and I’m excited for people to hear it because it’s going to make you feel good. It’s basically a drug that makes you feel nice.

It seems like you’re trying to clean the slate and release all your old songs before the album?

I never really thought of that, but it seems to be, doesn’t it? We don’t really have a lot of old songs that are going on the album. If anything, we only have two so far that people have heard. I’m trying to make the album as new as I possibly can. Nothing frustrates me more than when a band gives you an album and you go “OK, I’ve heard ten of those tracks already, and there’s three new ones’. I just want to give Pale Waves fans so much more music than they’re expecting. I want them to be overwhelmed with how much more they’ve got to listen to.

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