Tove Styrke has released a brand new single ‘Start Walking’

There's a flashy new video for the track, too.

Tove Styrke has released a brand new single ‘Start Walking’.

The track follows up on this summer’s ‘Mood Swings’, her first musical offering in three years, and a recent feature on Cheat Codes’ ‘All Things $ Can Do’ with Travis Barker.

Tove describes ‘Start Walking’ as “a song I made together with some amazing writers and producers and I’m obsessed with it. It’s an upbeat song with sad lyrics, which is my favorite combination. It’s about a person who knows a relationship is over, and how it sucks to actually be the one to leave but you know there is no other way.”

There’s also a video for the track, which follows “Tove Styrkez,” a fictional dansband, as they tour around 1970’s Sweden.

Commenting on the video, Tove adds, “I love the insane music video we made for the single. It’s about a Swedish ‘dansband’ with supernatural powers. ‘Dansband’ is a signature style of Swedish pop music that has drawn huge audiences dancing cheek to cheek around the country for decades. My dad played in one of these bands – they were called Max Fenders – in the 1970’s which is where the idea for the video initially comes from. Think ‘Stranger Things’, but the 70’s, showcasing cheesy pop band culture, set on the roads of deep Sweden. I can’t believe such video did not already exist, so I simply had to make it… Get ready for thunder, lightning, lasers and ‘Tove Styrkez’!”

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