Alex G – God Save The Animals

'God Save The Animals' brings a stunning display of vulnerability which will have you hooked from the offset.

Label: Domino
Released: 23rd September 2022

It may be tempting to compromise when moving from bedroom recordings to slick studios, but cult favourite Alex G has maintained the perfect balance. Back with an impressive ninth full-length, ‘God Save The Animals’, he elevates his sound and provides an underlying sense of ease, resulting in one of the most cathartic albums of the year. 

Working alongside multiple different studios, ‘God Save The Animals’ maintains a sense of coherence with smooth production and thoughtful songwriting throughout. There’s an abundance of depth, with ambient sounds meeting strong bass and experimental production.

From the ominous motifs in ‘Cross The Sea’ to the uplifting whispers of ‘Blessing’, ‘God Save The Animals’ brings a lesson in composition. Like a soothing soundbath for the soul, track by track warm vocals break through a haze of piano and synths. While comforting and utterly relatable, there’s an intense cinematic feel. Like a journey of self-care, this is an album to make you feel all those feelings you’ve been holding back and come away feeling all the better for it.

‘God Save The Animals’ brings a stunning display of vulnerability which will have you hooked from the offset. Alex G may be nine albums in, but his work remains every bit as captivating. ‘God Save The Animals’ is an album with beauty and humility at its very core, bringing a comforting and compelling outlook on the human experience at a time humanity seems to need it more than ever.

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