A fierce proclamation of the power of love.

Label: Partisan Records
Released: 16th February 2024

Looking for ways to fend off an impending sense of the void? Look no further than IDLES’ new album ‘TANGK’. Embracing hope, joy, and perseverance in the face of hardship, the band’s fifth offering is a fierce proclamation of the power of love and the importance of looking after each other. 

‘IDEA 01’ makes for a dramatic and slightly eerie opening, and amongst the razor-sharp edges of tracks like the thunderous ‘Hall & Oates’ and ‘Jungle’, there are also some softer, more downtempo moments. ‘Grace’ is a beautiful song with the anthemic hook “No god, no king, I say love is the thing” drawing on the album’s central themes. ‘A Gospel’ is ballad-like with its tender piano, and so is ‘Roy’ – a bass-led track about losing yourself in feelings of infatuation. Indeed, the word ‘love’ is said 29 times over the course of the record, but you’d be sorely mistaken to think that IDLES’ notorious middle-finger-to-the-man energy was lost. It simply manifests itself in Talbot’s soulfully brazen lyrical hooks. ‘Gift Horse’’s fragmented guitar and stomping beat makes it the perfect street-strutting song, and scuzzy guitars ricochet over classic IDLES-sounding bass in the sweat-inducing ‘Dancer’, an exhilarating track featuring LCD Soundsystem. 

Whether it be through its mosh pit-inducing scuzz, its incendiary lyrics, or its more heartfelt and ballad-like moments, ‘TANGK’ is an album that will make you feel something, commanding attention be paid to the power of music to both bring us together and tear us apart.

4.0 rating
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