Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me

'Don't Forget Me' continues to surprise and impress.

Label: Polydor
Released: 12th April 2024

Maggie Rogers’ rapid evolution over the past seven years has been nothing short of captivating, and her third album, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, continues to surprise and impress. Following a meticulously crafted second project born behind the closed doors of a pandemic, on which the intensity of the times manifested in huge emotional impact, this next offering takes the opposite approach. Written in just five days and largely untouched in its initial recordings, it exudes a charisma, spontaneity and lightheartedness that sets it apart within her impressive discography.

Listeners are taken on an intimate road trip through a new chapter of freedom, comfort, and fun above all. While there are moments of moodiness scattered throughout (‘Drunk’, ‘On & On & On’), the core essence of the album revolves around Maggie’s sheer enjoyment of the life she has forged for herself. It’s a celebration of learning to embrace the present moment, as humorously articulated in the tongue-in-cheek manner of ‘So Sick Of Dreaming’.

Ever since her viral encounter with Pharrell Williams, Maggie’s unique blend of folk roots and dance-pop sensibilities has driven her artistic vision, further enhanced by sharp production. However, on her third full-length, she sheds any instrumental shroud, opting instead for a raw, warm, and distinctly human approach. The vulnerable quiet of ‘I Still Do’ and ‘All The Same’ showcases her ability to deliver emotive vocals without sacrificing an ounce of potency.

2022’s landmark LP ‘Surrender’ served as a guiding light for listeners navigating their emotions and identities, and ‘Don’t Forget Me’ stands as a testament to Maggie’s journey through that turbulence. It’s a record crafted for those who have found joy and truth through adversity but are still eager to explore more of the world and themselves. As Maggie herself once promised, “It all works out in the end” – and this album serves as compelling evidence of that sentiment.

4.0 rating
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