NewDad – Banshee EP

A brighter step up from last year’s ‘Waves EP’. 

Label: Fair Youth Records
Released: 9th February 2022

Indie is never strapped for those laden in reverb, full of lyrics documenting the bittersweet memories of growing up. Galway’s NewDad – named that because of a random band name generator – might fit in this category, but that doesn’t mean they’re like everyone else.

If forlorn shoegaze is bittersweet, then NewDad are a lemon tart. Their ‘Banshee EP’ straddles the lines of heartache and comfort, a helping hand amongst the confusion. Sonically expansive and colourful, it’s a brighter step up from last year’s ‘Waves EP’. 

Ending on the impeccable ‘Ladybird’, frontwoman Julie Dawson sings “I have no right to be upset / I’m a fucking mess”. In a genre that’s so full of egotism, it’s refreshing to hear a band being this candid.

4.0 rating
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