Phoebe Green – Lucky Me

This is next level special. 

Label: Chess Club
Released: 19th August 2022

Everyone has known for a long time that Phoebe Green was a bit special. We didn’t quite know how special though until we got to her proper debut album ‘Lucky Me’. This is next level special. 

It’s the sound of the Manchester singer-songwriter finally finding her true voice. A voice that sees her delving deep into her psyche on an album all about feelings and the richest and most piercing emotions. It’s also an album that sees her defying conventions. Fed up with trying to conform to alternative indie norms, Phoebe decided to rip everything up and embrace her own distinct path and singular vision, a vision more pop and electronic oriented that really brings out the vivid qualities of her songwriting. 

‘Break My Heart’ is a heart stopping opener while the glistening electro of ‘Just a Game’ is perfect pop on the level of Robyn. Yes. That good. ‘Lucky Me’ is the blossoming of an alt pop star who is only just scratching the surface of her pop journey and making a real opening statement. 

5.0 rating
Total Score
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