Bow Anderson’s released her catchy new ‘un ‘Island’, plus a fun new video

Don't lose your head.

Bow Anderson’s released her catchy new single, ‘Island’.

Her second single following recent drop ‘Heavy’, the retro pop tune is accompanied by a fun new video too, which sees Bow having fun with some pals at the beach.

“Island is about empowerment,” says Bow. “After being messed over countless times in relationships, it’s that moment when you’re finally over someone and how good that feels. ‘Island’ is about knowing your worth and knowing you deserve the best, because you’re a ‘diamond’.”

Of the video, she adds: “[It’s] full of fun and sass. I hadn’t danced since I was 17 so I was fairly nervous; shooting during a pandemic was strange… but very organised. There’s a shot where I’m looking into a mirror in a swimming costume but on the bottom half I wrapped myself in joggers and towels, as it was so cold; living the glamorous life! The ‘Island’ video overall is about having fun, being strong and showing you don’t need a man to feel good.”

Check it out below.

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