caro♡ has released a new album teaser – check out ‘4ever1’

Her new album's coming in September.
Photo Credit: Mathias Adam

caro♡ has released a new single, ‘4ever1’.

It’s the latest cut from her upcoming album – the follow-up to debut ‘Heartbeats/Heartbreaks’ – ‘wild at <3’, set for release on 8th September via PC Music.

On the new single, caro♡ says: “4ever1 is this idea of realising we are all one, and it sounds hippie maybe, but it’s like within this spiritual quest of internal peace, I think that’s where you’re supposed to land. When you feel that you’re a part of everything and everyone, and that everything and everyone is a part of you, there is no fear or anxiety, and it’s the source of so much strength. There’s no competition, it’s the abundance vs scarcity mindsets I suppose, like anything good that anyone does enriches you, and similarly, anything positive you do benefits everyone, and that makes any personal pursuit even more noble.

“This song and the rest of the album is about that a lot, letting go of fear and expressing yourself freely, believing in yourself and your ideas, and thus possibly inspiring other people to do the same, and then it comes back to you again, like a positive feedback loop. These songs are a reflection of the self-talk I’d like to have all the time, the energy of this song and of the rest is the sort of energy I needed to find within in order to feel courageous enough to be myself and carry on doing what I wanted to do in music, in my life, and that’s the message and energy I wanted to give out. We live in these like gloomy times, but there’s so much beauty to find, and I don’t think anyone should ever feel lonely or useless, I think that everyone has a rainbow inside their hearts, and that there are no geniuses or people who are more ‘special’ than others, anyone can do amazing things and we should all encourage each other to do these things, because we all benefit in the end.”

Check it out below.

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