carpetgarden has released, ‘da da song’, the latest single from their upcoming EP, ‘WTF Is Even Going On?’

The full EP will be released on November 18th via House Anxiety.
Photo credit: Erin Murray

With their ‘WTF Is Even Going On?’ EP arriving next month, carpetgarden have shared a new single, ‘da da song’.

It is their third single of the year, following July’s ‘mold’ and September’s ‘Topo’. The full EP will be released on November 18th via House Anxiety, and follows their 2021 EP, ‘The Way He Looks’ – Dork’s 4-star review described the album as, “an amalgamation of disparate branches of lo-fi bedroom pop.”

“This song is a really gay love song for my partner,” carpetgarden has said on ‘da da song’. “I reference a lot of the little moments of my life that became more important once I had someone to share them with. My favorite part of the song is when it goes super distorted and almost overwhelmingly loud, just because falling in love can be overwhelming.”

You can listen to ‘da da songhere, or watch the music video below:

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