Remi Wolf didn’t let the pressure get to her while recording her debut album ‘Juno’

Now it's done though? "Jesus Christ. It's pretty crazy."
Photo credit: Haley Appell.

Remi Wolf has just dropped her debut album ‘Juno’, and been revealed as the cover star for this month’s edition of Dork – but she’s not likely to let all that attention get to her – creatively, at least.

Speaking to us for the cover story for this month’s magazine, she admits that while her recent success and celeb co-signs have made a difference once she’s had time to step back and take a look, it didn’t impact the creation of the album.

“The success did change things but not at a level where I had enough time to be scared about it,” says Remi. “Now though, with the album done, I’ve had time to process everything that’s gone on in my life over the past two years and holy fuck. Jesus Christ. It’s pretty crazy. I’m definitely feeling the pressure now, knowing there are people who are going to be listening to my songs, but I don’t think I had the time for it to affect my writing process. I was too busy to think about it, really.”

“Most of it was written during COVID, and that was a very self-reflective time but also a really manic time for me, and everyone really,” she explains. “It’s got this weird balance of mania and self-reflection. It shouldn’t work and a lot of the songs ended up sounding psychotic, but I love it.” 

There was no vision for the album before Remi got into the studio. “Good on you, every artist who has a vision or full-on vibe for their record, but I’m never going to be that person,” she explains. “I just go with the flow and follow where my instincts are taking me.” Every song was written in a day, and once the clock struck midnight, Remi only returned to the tracks to tweak or polish them if they excited her enough. “Every song is a snapshot into what I was feeling when I was writing. It’s basically a little COVID journal for me.”

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You can also order Remi Wolf’s new album ‘Juno’ here, or stream it in full here.

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